Letters of thanks

'I want to thank you for helping me with my long standing breathing issues

As you know, I am retired now but I was an amateur sports enthusiast for many years and understand the value of correct breathing. Even though I considered myself to be fit, healthy and athletic at that time, I also was well aware that my breathing was not as effective as it ought to be. I have always had difficulty breathing through my nose; I put this down to a perceived sinus problem.

Since I started the breathing exercises with you, my breathing is vastly improved and I can breathe easily through my nostrils. That alone is massive for me.

I shared with you the fact that for as long as I can remember I have had a problem with being wakened during the night by my own snoring. A few years ago, I started waking suddenly gasping for breath. I recognised my experience as Sleep Apnoea and over time have noticed that there has been a gradual increase in the occurrences. You suggested that Rebirthing may be beneficial with this condition.

Encouraged by the progress with my general well being due to my improved breathing, I decided to try Rebirthing with you. You will remember that I found this process difficult at first but you were very patient and persisted with me until we found a technique that worked for me.

I am so happy to tell you that from my second Rebirthing session I have not had a single episode of Apnoea. This is a big relief to me as I believed that I was at the point where I might have to discuss this situation with my doctor and who knows what ramifications that would have had? I no longer feel the need to do that and believe that with continued sessions with you, things will only get better.

Thank you Diana, I really do appreciate all your help.'


 'I've known that my birth was traumatic for some time. When I saw my adoption papers there was a report from my mother which explained what happened when I was born. My mother was an addict when she was pregnant with me. Her then boyfriend (soon to be husband) urged my mother to have an abortion with plenty of violence and the threat of violence; he knew that the child was not his.

When my mother went to the doctor to make enquiries about getting an abortion, she was told that she was too far gone. I was born prematurely and it was a very difficult birth that involved forceps. I spent my first three weeks in an incubator. By the time I left hospital, the mother-son bond never recovered, and this situation was made worse by my mother's increasing drug use.

I had my first drug overdose at three years old. My stomach was pumped and I was very lucky to have survived. At four years old I was put up for adoption. At six years old I started life with my foster family.

I had my spiritual awakening when I stopped drinking and taking drugs in my early 40s, by attending and completing the Narcotics Anonymous 12 Step Fellowship programme. By the time I came to see Diana I knew I was ready for the next stage of healing.

Diana's first words to me after listening to my breathing, that my breath was still fear based. She suggested a few simple techniques which I have been doing ever since. Breathwork really works and it has given me the confidence I need to face demons and obstacles.

Diana is a truth seeker. Her teaching works because she works from the heart. Diana keeps reminding me to "enjoy the breath ..." But by doing what she suggests, I have made conscious breathing part of my daily routine.

I am learning how to tap into a Power greater which is loving, and caring and good. Conscious breathing is powerful. It is the gateway towards union with the God within us all.'

Martin H - Author of Natural Manhood (From Prison Towards Inner Freedom)

'Having tried and gained some helpful benefits from other practices and therapies, I was still left feeling that any gain was superficial, and that I wasn't quite getting to the root cause of my issues and concerns. Sensing that I needed to go deeper, and reach the parts no other therapy had reached before, I therefore began having Rebirthing and breathing technique with Diana.

Although I had heard about it, I resisted the temptation to do some research on the subject as I didn't want to have any expectations or get in my own way. So when I started this journey with Diana it was a bit like diving into the unknown. Initially the breathing techniques and process felt out of the ordinary and tricky to do, but with increasing familiarity and practice the process becomes easier and more natural.

Each session is different in terms of what is experienced. There are preparation stages but it is very much a two way exchange, where Diana’s skillful insight and flexibility adapts to what you take with you into each unique session and what might surface during the session.

I have experienced a mixed cocktail of deep relaxation, calmness, sometimes sleepiness and resistance but Diana’s firm encouragement soon breaks through that....'you don't pay me to sleep'. Also sadness, and fear but most remarkably as the sessions progress, a deepening sense of clearance and release of harmful energy.

It is also important to continue the work and practice the breathing techniques between each session. My last session was a particular and welcome bright light bulb moment, when for the first time I was able to breathe correctly and effortlessly, without wanting to stop, and without needing Diana’s usual prompting.

I was flooded by a sense of calm I don't remember feeling before, followed by the stirrings of healing a past hurt, and all this reached simply by reactivating my body’s natural ability to breathe.'


'It has been an amazing journey; right from the very first Rebirthing session my life changed.

I started on my spiritual path 8 years ago, working on myself; clearing, cleansing and releasing that which no longer served me as I moved forward on this new path. Sometimes I felt like I was going round in circles and ended up repeating the same patterns, not understanding why or being able to release deep seated beliefs.

Then I met Diana; beautiful women inside and out. She has amazing energy and is very patience, she made me feel at ease.She is at your side the whole session guiding you through the breath and creating a safe space. After only one Rebirthing session I decided to become vegan.

Rebirthing has had the most profound effect on me mentally, spiritually and physically and has helped me to master my life.'

Sophia M

'I wanted to experience Rebirthing to see if it would improve my energy levels. I do believe it has helped and I have been able to use the breathing exercises that Diana has taught me to improve my overall wellbeing.

Rebirthing is a powerful and transformative way of working with the breath. I have learnt so much from my sessions with Diana. She is an encouraging and supportive practitioner who I would recommend to anyone interested in healing and personal growth.'

Cathy S

'I have been going to Diana for treatments for many years. I have always loved her enthusiasm to learn new things so when she said she had started training in rebirthing breath work I was intrigued; as soon as she was ready to start working with people I said I would try it.

From the first session she was so informative on how it works and was very patient to make sure I was doing it right and kept breathing properly. The feeling after each session is amazing, especially when you clear or unblock old blockages within you. The benefits are amazing too.

It's helped with my asthma, my breathing is so much better and I don't need my inhalers much anymore. Also I feel so much better within myself, no more panic attacks or stressing out. I can face everyday life so much better; if I feel any stress I just breathe it out and it goes away.'

Helen H

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